Special Expertise

Serving as an Interim Executive Director

If your agency needs leadership between leaders, Kelly Kleiman can offer that.  Things going great?  She'll keep them on the right path.  Things a bit problematic?  She'll clear away clutter so the next Executive Director doesn't have to.  Things in absolute crisis?  She's a turnaround specialist who has the passion to save what can be saved, the courage to pull the plug when there's no other choice, and the wisdom to tell the difference. 

Creating Programs to Use High-Skills Volunteers

If you can't think of anything to do with your volunteers other than have them stuff envelopes--and you've noticed that envelope-stuffing needs are few and far between--you need Kelly Kleiman and NFP Consulting.  We'll help you determine what projects you could be getting done if only you had the right person-power; recruit the people to get them done; handle concerns on the part of your staff; and save money and get more done letting people use their skills.  Give them the Big MAC: Meaningful Work, Autonomy, Collegiality

Board Recruitment and Training

No one is born knowing how to be a non-profit Board member, and people from the for-profit world accustomed to being paid for Board service may be startled to learn that nonprofit Boards expect their members to pay for the privilege of service.  Using the Board Member's Bill of Rights and recruiting documents tailored just for your agency, Kelly can help you attract and retain top Board members and teach them how best to do their jobs.

Strategic Planning That Actually Works

The phrase "strategic planning" has become practically synonymous with "waste of time."  But it doesn't have to be that way. 

When a group of thoughtful people review "What are we trying to do and for whom?  What's getting in the way?"--and when that same group of thoughtful people have Kelly Kleiman of NFP Consulting to facilitate their conversations, summarize their decisions and harmonize their disagreements--strategic planning can be the pause that refreshes for burned-out nonprofit staff and Board. 

It doesn't need to take forever, either: Kelly is an exponent of the three-meeting strategic plan.  Ask her how!

Workshops and Trainings

Kelly offers half-day and day-long workshops designed to strengthen Boards of Directors, help staff create programs using high-skills volunteers, outline the perfect annual report, and--perhaps most important--teach people how to ask for money.  She's presented these programs for the Association of Volunteer Administrators, United Ways, the Axelson Center for Nonprofit Management and many others; let her come present to you.

They're Not A Frill If You're Using Them Right: How to Save Money & Get More Done Using High-Skills Volunteers takes agencies from a preliminary thought that volunteers might be nice to a real program

How To Ask For Money: Practice, Practice, Practice!   uses role-playing to overcome stage fright

Charge Up Your Board: The Board Members' Bill of Rights  outlines everything your Board needs to know about everything your Board needs to do

Wanted Dead or Alive: Soliciting Major Gifts & Bequests  how to ask people for gifts now and bequests later